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Master di I Livello in Business Transformation

Master e Corsi di LUISS Business School

Master di I Livello in Business Transformation

LUISS Business School
  • In aula a Roma

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LUISS Business School

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The Major in Business Transformation is aimed at recent graduates — or those graduating soon — interested in developing competencies in the industry.


The Major in Business Transformation is designed for graduates who wish to acquire the distinctive capabilities and knowledge required to merge business and technology-driven strategies.


The digital ecosystem impacts every business: the transformation affects organisational structures, brand positioning, customer experience, marketing and communication strategies, as well as the integration of back-end processes.

IT providers and agencies are devoting substantial resources to support businesses to carry out impactful digital initiatives and succeed in their digital transformation process.

This Programme develops digital capabilities, managerial skills and leadership techniques required to succeed in firms operating in the digital ecosystem or in businesses undergoing a digital transformation process.

The Major in Business Transformation aims to prepare professionals capable of:

- adapting corporate strategies through the implementation of integrated services and products
- adding value to companies, contributing to the development of innovative ideas
- building T-shaped capabilities, providing the business foundation to leverage digital expertise and become industry leaders
- creating and protecting a company’s web reputation, adopting new digital communication channels
- extract, interpret and protect information coming from complex data analysis
- reinventing the customer experience, exploiting new digital channels and techniques useful for the whole organisation
- reengineering operational processes, gaining a wide understanding of the potential changes in firm practices to adapt to new digital technologies
- understanding the protection methods expected by cyber law.

Career prospects

The programme puts students on career paths in a wide range of organisations in the industry, in positions such as:

- Digital Communication Manager
- Digital Insights Analyst
- Digital Officer
- Digital Strategist
- Customer Relationship Manager
- CX and UX Consultant
- IT Consultant
- Strategic Consultant


a Roma


The Master in Digital and Business Transformation – Major in Business Transformation is a one-year Master of Science equivalent to “Master Universitario di I livello” in accordance with the Italian university system. It provides students with at least 60 ECTS – European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System. At the end of the Programme, the Master’s Diploma “Master Universitario di I livello” will be conferred to participants who have passed exams or other assessment tests envisaged in the study program.


12 months


Scientific Director:

- Maximo Ibarra, CEO, Engineering Ingegneria Informatica S.p.A.

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